Coffee Machines


Coffee Machines With innovative design and technology we have created an eye-catching machine with genuine quality. Being one of the market’s most energy-efficient espresso machines with programmable automatic daily on/off times, the Carat is fully adapted to modern environmental requirements as well as each and everyone’s interest in a clean and healthy lifestyle – enjoy a cup of Pure Passion.

Coffee Machines Auto steamer is an automatic milk foamer with a system for foaming milk at the touch of a button. The cycle stops automatically when the desired temperature is reached. Programmable from the display, it reduces workload and is both practical and simple to use. The auto steamer is very reliable and gives a consistent result thanks to an air injection system powered by a pump whose speed is controlled electronically. These are the characteristics that makes it stand out from the other
milk steamers on the market.

Coffee Machines

Coffee machines

The best coffee machines at JB include a heap of big technology, stunning designs, and help you create your perfect coffee every time. Our range of coffee machines and accessories includes all the big brands and latest models from Nespresso capsule machines to Breville manual coffee machines and more!Browse Coffee machines:Nespresso coffee machinesBreville coffee machinesDeLonghi coffee machinesManual coffee machinesFully automatic coffee machinesCapsule coffee machinesCoffee machine accessories

Coffee Machines Compact automatic espresso coffee machine with 1 group, electronic switchboard to control the coffee dosages volumetrically, with automatic water filling and copper boiler with 6 litres capacity with heat exchanger per group and cleaning valve, with technical innovations we have lowered the power consumption with more than 50%.


  • Digital dosage control on group head
  • PID technology and custom Eco software
  • Advertising display with beverage audit
  • Group heads with built in soft infusion
  • Solid stainless steel steam wand inc lever operated valves
  • Turbo frothing steam arm with programmed temp setting
  • 6.0 litre insulated copper boiler with auto fill level and alarm
  • High groups for lattes, and includes folding tray for espressos
  • Compact size

A coffee machine doesn’t have to be your regular kitchen appliance, it can be a true stand-out for your guests or even morning routine. From a whole range of styles and capabiltiies, our range of coffee machines can suit any type of caffeine lover.

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